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FB: Should I Boost Posts or Run Ads?

Facebook Ads are complicated! How do I know what campaign objective to use? I just want sales, should I still do a Brand Awareness campaign?   How do I sell my new AI chair on Facebook's Teleporter Ad Platform? (It's going to happen folks. Mark your calendars.) I see these sentiments all too often. And I…
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7 Mistakes You’re Making With Facebook Ads

In today's world, Facebook ads is the battle ground for advertisers. "You should Advertise on Facebook!" They said.  "It's Simple!" They said.  HA.... Maybe back when your grandma was JUST getting on Facebook it was easy. But now, grandma's 3 week old pug has it's own fanpage. So today, you're competing against a dog for…
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Watch your paid campaigns with a keen eye

Are you keeping an active list of keywords list in your Adwords account? According to Google, roughly 20 percent of the searches Google receives each day are ones not previously seen in the last 90 days. Beware on the lookout for changing markets!
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Why choose WordPress over a proprietary CMS system?

There has been much debate over the popular Content Management System's (CMS) such as WordPress versus other closed proprietary systems. I am here to dispel any false accusations or overblown problems dealing with Open Source software, and more specifically WordPress. I will be taking points from a blog post I just recently came across talking…
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