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Business Rant

Business Rant. Preface: I had to be kicked in the face to learn this once and for all, so I'll do you a favor as well and be blunt about it. If your'e struggling to pay the bills, and can't seem to charge enough in your business, your'e doing it wrong. What pains me to…
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A Quick Way To Lose Money [FB Ads]

You are in a dark room, sitting at a conference table that seems to stretch for miles. In the room opposite of you is the CEO of the largest company in the world. You just pitched the biggest deal your company has ever proposed. After a long silence that felt like years, you finally say…
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FB: Should I Boost Posts or Run Ads?

Facebook Ads are complicated! How do I know what campaign objective to use? I just want sales, should I still do a Brand Awareness campaign?   How do I sell my new AI chair on Facebook's Teleporter Ad Platform? (It's going to happen folks. Mark your calendars.) I see these sentiments all too often. And I…
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