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Why choose WordPress over a proprietary CMS system?

There has been much debate over the popular Content Management System's (CMS) such as WordPress versus other closed proprietary systems. I am here to dispel any false accusations or overblown problems dealing with Open Source software, and more specifically WordPress. I will be taking points from a blog post I just recently came across talking…
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What’s the biggest problem with small business websites?

Most small business websites miss some of the main key components you need for your website to be successful. 1) Call to Action, without a main call to action customers won't know why they are visiting your website, or what your company has to offer. Make sure you make it clear why you want customers…
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New This Week

We are nearing completion of our newest project,! Be sure to check it out, along with our other projects:  All saints was a great opportunity for us to work on design work such as touching up the logo, and presenting slideshows. We are glad to finally have the design he was looking for!
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