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Social Media

Social networking has become so popular that it is a part of everyday life for some. 79% of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500 list use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or a blog to communicate to their customers. We can integrate any of the most popular social networks right into your website. If you're not comfortable with how to use social media, then we can help manage all your social media accounts and oversee them. We can also assist with training your team members, giving you the tools you need to successfully manage your own social media. We do monthly reporting to let you know how many people are coming to your social media accounts and engaging on your pages. We can create posts, original content, and blogs for your Social Media needs.

Most people trust recommendations from family and friends. With Social Media becoming a big tool for sharing these recommendations, this can turn shares and clicks into customers and cash. Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. Social Media/Digital Marketing takes patience and timing. There is no one-size fits all to this process. You can't just jump into a network and see instant results without taking the time to meet the right people, connect, share, and grow.

We have plans that fit all businesses and budgets. Wether you need help with just one social network like Facebook, or multiple ones, let us train your staff or manage all your Social Media needs.

Marketing Strategy

We'll sit down with your company and plan out a proper strategy for the best way to extend your reach through Social Media. Sometimes less is more, so we will figure out which Social Media platforms will help your company and stay away from ones that would produce low results.


You don't have any Social Media accounts setup yet? No Problem! We can help you setup your accounts and even enhance them with setting up your profile and cover photos, personal URL, and add apps or widgets to account they are applicable for.

Weekly Engagements

We will create helpful and engaging content to post to your Social Media platforms. With your help, we will be able to create relevant information to help spread your reach as a company. With each post we put up, we will also monitor any feedback and also respond to users for you if you wish.

Campaign Management

Let us manage your ads on social media and provide results for you. We can tell you how many users clicked, shared, or engaged on a post or ad you promoted.