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Business Rant

Posted on: February 7, 2019

Business Rant.

Preface: I had to be kicked in the face to learn this once and for all, so I'll do you a favor as well and be blunt about it.

If your'e struggling to pay the bills, and can't seem to charge enough in your business, your'e doing it wrong.

What pains me to see is how people complain about how their industry is going to crap, the customers don't want to pay reasonable rates, the people in my area are stingy..blah blah blah.

At the same time, I have clients in the SAME town and SAME industry who are absolutely KILLING it. They are growing at such breakneck speed, the amount of new jobs these companies create every week is astounding.

But what's the difference between these two people?

MARKETING. That's it.

Yeah, they have infrastructure, more people, hr etc. But that only happens when your are marketing your business.

Look-- all of the largest companies spend BILLIONS of dollars on advertising every year, and yet the small business owner still can't understand why he can't grow his business...

Time for a test. Do you have any of these problems?

* Undercharging your services because you just need the money?
* Working 80 hours just to keep the lights on?
* Never getting momentum/don't feel the rush and excitement of progress every week?

You have a marketing problem. That's it.

What if Apple came to you looking to buy your services? Would them being a client change your life? Well good marketing can get you in front of them.

Wish that big company in your town would just work with you? Well marketing can give you the opportunity to pitch them.


Not good vibes, not praying, not wishing.

Not writing a clever email signature, not creating an awesome logo, not cleaning your desk, not organizing your papers.

Not doing the math of "If I only got 30 customers, I can become a millionaire!"



P.S. By the way, ever feel like there are companies in your same field that do HORRIBLE work, but they still seem to be succeeding at ridiculous levels?

Yep, that annoys me too. But they solved the marketing problem, so they get what they want. And you don't.


Hope this helps bring perspective. I know I needed it back in the day.

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