About Us

In 2011 James Smith, our Founder, had a vision to change the Marketing space, thus Bright Idea Marketing was born. Back then it was a different time. It was easier for CPAs to work leads, and get people on the phone.

But as time passed competition got stiffer for CPAs. He understood that, in today's day and age, leads are dime a dozen, and competition is stiffer than ever.

Because of that, CPAs need much more than just "leads" to succeed in this business. Bright Idea understands the need for a much more complex system to ensure clients' success.

Today Bright Idea Marketing is a full-service Accounting Agency and Systems firm dedicated to helping CPAs build their business by not just providing leads, but with systems to help them grow to 9 figures and beyond. We have worked with small boutique shops to Fortune 100 companies, and have produced over $100,000,000+ in revenue for our clients.

Expertise is critical to making it in the space, a BIM has the track record to help anyone who is serious about scaling.

At Bright Idea Marketing we are dedicated to providing our clients with the step-by-step process, leading to more effective marketing strategies and increased sales. We use an integrated approach to marketing that includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, text nurturing, and email campaigns.

To be cost-effective in your marketing, you need to know what’s working and what’s not.

We believe that you can't improve what you don't measure; Tracking is the core of our operations!

James Smith

CEO, Founder

Consults some of the largest CPAs and Tax Firms. Internet Marketing Association member. 13 years experience in corporate marketing

David Atle


Has been in the marketing space for several years. His role is to help our clients experience growing their business smoothly.

Elijah Javier

Head of Technology

All hands technical support. Automation / System expert. 5 years of management experience


359 West Alfred Street, Tavares, Florida, 32778

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