Get Qualified Solar Appointments

With homeowners BEGGING to

go solar with you

No more door knocking, networking,

or buying leads...

Over 12 years in business and over $100,000,000+

in revenue produced for our clients

Life of a Solar Pro

Without Bright Idea

Long Dial Days

Wasting time with leads who either don’t pick up or have an invalid number

Hours Wasted Chasing Leads

Getting yelled at, people said they didn't fill out info, talk to unqualified homeowners, talking to tenants etc..

Unqualified/Not Interested Leads

Non-homeowners, renters, uninterested prospects, HOA restrictions, don't own the land etc

Hours Wasted Setting Appointments

After finally booking someone, getting a "No Show" takes you back to the drawing board

Broken CRM & Automation

Systems that weren't built for Solar in mind, and systems that constantly break or go down is a sure fire way to hurt your chances with prospects by looking unprofessional

Low Closing Rates

Needing to close more deals, but lost on how to effectively present to homeowners

WITH Bright Idea

No More Dial Days

We call all leads so you can save time and energy just for sales calls (your best use of time)

No More Chasing Leads

We make all the pre-qualification calls for you, and

send only the ones you want to talk to.

Double Filter Qualification System

After receiving homeowner information, we double verify decision makers, and ask for additional info.

Week Being Filled with Appointments

As appointments are set, we ensure they show up through affirmation calls and value driven reminders.

Fully Automated CRM & Workflows

Stay top of mind with access to our user friendly CRM that nurtures your prospects for up to 3 months

Sales Consulting, Qualified Prospects,

and Materials to help you close more

By partnering with us, you get access to our sales

training vault which shows you how to close from

step A to step Z

We help Solar Pros

across the US WHO are

Hungry for Growth

Service Areas

Your business doesn't need just leads...

It needs systems

Buying leads is an out-of-date model. Yeah we said it.

Lead vendors are great at one thing - being a middleman.

With a lead vendor model, they need generate as CHEAP of a lead as they can, and

sell it to you (and other solar pros) for as much as they can.

Whatever they can make in the middle is how they survive.

In other words, their goal is to sell you a warm body,

a contact, while you are actually looking for

qualified homeowners.

Bright Idea Marketing doesn't believe that is fair or valuable,

because this creates a misalignment of values.

Instead, solar pros should work with someone who

gives them VISIBILITY and CONTROL over their marketing,

while partnering with someone who has a proven track record

and is incentivized for you to suceed as a client.

Systems to scale your business...

High Intent lead Generation

Double Screening Qualification

Solar Nurturing System

100% show live connects

Full control and transparency of your messaging

Full Branding of you or your installer

1:1 Sales Consultations


What they say about us

"You guys were the best stumble into something in my life!

I closed 2 deals in just the first week!"

Ryan Melton


"James has done a fantastic job for us on multiple different fronts. From increased activity to brand recognition, James is extremely creative, and good at putting ideas into action"

Chase Urich

Agent, President

"James has revamped my funnel, and it's really boosted my performance!"

Anthony Blatner


"Normally we get one to 2 appointments a day, just today we got 11 appointments in one day!"

Dmitry Litvinov





This is where you need an actual partner... someone who is invested in your success. 

Being in the space for over 12 years we have seen lead vendor companies come and go, but the reason we have stuck around is that we knew we wanted to be in the relationship space, not the transactional space


In 2011 James Smith, our Founder, had a vision to change

the Marketing space. Thus Bright Idea Marketing was born.

He understood that, in today's day and age,

leads are dime a dozen and competition is stiff.

Because of that, solar pros need much more than

just "leads" to succeed in this business.


"A lead is not the sale, but just the beginning of one..."

Bright Idea understands the need for a much more

complex system to ensure client's success.

Today, Bright Idea is a full-service marketing firm dedicated to helping solar pros build their business by not just providing leads, but with systems

to help them grow to 9 figures and beyond.

We have worked with small boutique shops to Fortune 100 companies, and have

produced over $100,000,000+ in revenue for our clients.

Expertise is critical to suceeding in the space,

and BIM has the track record to help.

At Bright Idea Marketing we are dedicated to providing our clients with the step-by-step process, leading to more effective marketing strategies and increased sales.

To be cost-effective in your marketing, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. We believe that you can't improve what you don't measure;

Tracking is the core of our operations!

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